In this wilderness of Northern Europe, the contrasts, light and colours are unparalleled here in the Wild Telemark. 

From northern Europe’s highest mountain plateau with over 500 crystal blue lakes on the edge of eternal glaciers and mountains, the terrain plummets into deep valleys that run into Lake Tinn, one of deepest lakes in Europe. 

There is always one thing you can count on in the Wild Telemark, whether Vikings, World Heritage, history, or the people  – you will be inspired.

Tinn Lake, on the northern frontier of the Wild Telemark.

Tinn Lake  of the Wild Telemark.Photos on this page by Ian Brodie, all rights reserved.

The Vikings of Telemark were strong. Together with their neighbours on the coastline in Vestfold they have left their indelible mark here.

Viking society was very much based on values such as equality, cooperation, courage, truth, honour, and discipline.  Group-based, the Vikings lived in small clans that had to function independently and be strong – while at the same time flexible enough to interact with other clans. 


While some Vikings were warriors, the majority were farmers, craftsmen, merchants and traders. Family and honor were of utmost importance to them, and although the Viking era may seem a long time gone, the Viking culture lives strongly on today. 

Far from being an isolated culture, the Vikings travelled near and far all through Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Society was a simple structure.  Vikings - Norsemen - could choose their profession and they could travel freely through what is now Europe, the North Atlantic, even to the North American continent.

Equality and fairness reigned. Women held more freedom and held more power in their society than other women of their day. They could own property, request a divorce and reclaim their dowries if their marriages ended.

Some of the younger Vikings, especially those with little wealth, chose to adventure out into the Dark Ages. Free,  full of energy and with a sense of adventure, no immediate duties tying them to their home clan, they travelled. then bringing home with them stories of places far away.

But their home was always calling them back, and they brought with them stories of places far away.

All over the world, many embrace the cliché of the Viking warrior, pillaging and conquering for the sake of the taste of blood. Nothing could be further from the truth, and there is now room and curiosity for the real stories of the real Vikings. 

You will discover them here at Guvihaug in the Wild Telemark.