Eirik Nordbotten has studied the way of the Viking, both in history as well as learning how to live a Viking life to survive. Now he is choosing to leave everything behind.

 What is important to him is to authentically honor how the Vikings lived – and to perhaps find that  today’s Norwegian cultural heritage lies in the heart of the Viking.

As a young man coming from Namsskogan in mid-Norway, Eirik learned at an early age to live off the land, track animals, and make the most of his time while in nature.

The Big Cat

In fact, if you look closely at Eirik, you might see a scar that came from an encounter in a cave with a lynx. Eirik had crawled into a cave following the tracks of the animal, but did not expect to find the big cat still as home.

As Eirik puts it, the two had a short discussion, and decided to go their separate ways without doing any major damage to each other.

A Viking Settlement

Follow Eirik on his journey to the past, one that will take him to his future. A future where he hopes many more will have a role. 

As Eirik says,

We hope that we will be able to build a true Viking community here, as it used to be with old Viking traditions. Perhaps a small farm or two, animals, craftsmen – we can become an independent society, without having to go to society to get food or clothing.

Maybe someone can build a boat, so we can have small Viking ships here to fish in the river. Join me on my morning swims, even when the temperature is well below freezing.

Filming the Journey

Eirik will be filming himself in the most simple ways, with his support team back in civilization prepared to upload the latest developments.

It is all a matter of the fine details, right down to making sure that this clothes and body are clean - perhaps especially the beard, In olden times the Vikings were reknowned for their well-kempt beards, clean clothing and good smell. Eirik does not intend to be any different.

But it will be hard. He is leaving behind the luxuries of the modern society to begin a new life. The apartment goes, the television will become a distant memory.


There is work to be done, but he will have visitors from time to time who will help him in his tasks. There is a settlement to started, different structures to be built.  But that will come later.

Eirik turns and leaves. us with a smile,

I do not plan being a grumpy hermit living all alone here in the forest, visitors are welcome anytime!

This my new life.